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We are RVing Snowbirds - Niki, Jack, K.C. and B.B. We travel North to do a little Workamping in the Summertime and South to someplace warm and sunny for the cold months.

We've retired from a combined 50+ years in the customer service field and we've now joined the other road warriors to rediscover our America one stopover at a time.

We plan our trips North and South with different routes and campgrounds each time and set a leisurely pace for getting from here to there. We look for the best routes and best values for our retirement $$$ in campgrounds, restaurants, and sightseeing,

We spend at least 2 nights in each stopover (20 - 30 campgrounds each year) so we can discover a little of what makes each place special (and they all are).

Wherever we stop we have 2 questions. "What is your favorite local Mom -&- Pop restaurant that you'd recommend?" Second question - "What is your favorite place to show family and friends when they come to visit?" You will be truly surprised when you choose to follow some of their suggestions.

Whenever we stop we take photos, write about our impressions, and post the mileages, costs, facts, and figures and other interesting things we find. We post trip reports on our Snowbird RV Trails Blog as we go and then post a summary and map on our website here after completing a trip.

We Workamp Summers because it's a great way to meet all of the campers and also for the "free" campsite and other amenities. The shorter working hours leave plenty of time for day trips and sightseeing in an area.  In the Fall, as the leaves start turning, we head South to warmer "Winter" weather, to do more exploring and the other fun things we like to do.

We are glad you stopped by and invite you to look around our website. If we can help you with a route, restaurant, or stopover, send us a note. If you would like to come on board and travel with us for a few miles, just click on "follow" on our Blog, Pinterest or Google+ pages (below).

Your comments are always welcome and perhaps one day we will meet down the road. Until then safe travels and enjoy your journey,

Jack, Niki & "The Kids"

Welcome Aboard!

Your Hosts - Niki, Jack, K.C. & B.B.

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serious day tripping and expand our North/South & East Coast RV route maps

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Our Goals - New Routes & More Fun Each Year!



2015 - We're on the RV road again!

Ride along with us as we complete our newest Spring
South to North RV route from Tampa, Florida to the Northeast.
 Spring Trip North Summary Page

The 2015 Fall Trip South took us on the route
favored by many RVing Snowbirds as the
best RV route from the Northeast to FL.
Fall Trip South with Reviews & Costs


Reviews. Photos, Maps, Routes and Costs

Florida to Upstate New York with stopovers in Georgia, South
Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.
This trip North covered 2,399miles in 21 days -
through 7 States and 10 campground stopovers.
We traveled I-75. I-10, I-95, I-74/75, I-81, I-88 and I-87.

Some of our Favorite Highlights of the trip:
Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center and the Suwanee River, Jekyll
Island, Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet, Huntington Beach State Park,
Santee State Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah National Forest,
Andy's Mayberry (Mt Airy, NC) and some great dining finds (as usual)
along the way.


Upstate New York to Florida the long way with stopovers
in NY, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas,
Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

This Snowbird trip South was completed in 30 days,
through 10 States, 13 campgrounds and over 3,500 miles.
The route takes us along  I-87, I-88, I-86, I-90,,
I-71, I-74, I-70, I-55, I-10 and I-75.

Our Favorite Highlights of the trip:
Lake Erie in Conneaut Ohio, Bully Hill Vineyards, The Finger Lakes, Red
Cross Book Sale in Bloomington Indiana, Cotton Pickin' in Blytheville,
Arkansas, Cape Girardeau Mississippi Riverfront, Orleans Bistro,,
Grenada, Mississippi, Lambert's Cafe "Home of the Throwed rolls"
(X2!), Mexico Beach and the Florida Panhandle.

Life on the Road -
Sights & Stories from Our Blog Log


A Visit to Historic Essex, New York
On Lake Champlain

Greetings from the land of Andy, Barney,
Opie and Aunt Bea
We’re in Mayberry Country!

Park Hopping near Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Lake & the Anclote River

Exploring NE New York State-
Keeseville & Ausable Chasm

Laundry Day with a Panda
Just life on the road

Best WiFi Booster?
When our Net needs a boost!

In Search of the Best "Michigan" Hot Dog
Serious business in the North Country!

RV Repairs On the Road-
What do we do?

A Visit to Skene Manor -
That House on the Hill!


Show Palace Dinner Theater
Great food and a show!

Tarpon Springs, Florida
"Sponge Capitol of the World"

Riding the Adirondack Railway
The Saratoga to North Creek RR

Plant City, Florida
"Strawberry Growing Capitol of Florida"

Book Sale in Rural VermontT
Books for fun and profit for RVers

AMERICADE - Lake George, New York
Thunder in the Mountains!

Visit to a Special Garage/Yard Sale
It's a Priory priority!

Norman Rockwell's Vermont
A landscape pretty as a picture!

A Good Old Country Auction!
Do I hear an opening bid?

Lunch Cruising on Lake George

Now that's a lunch break!

More Trip & Trail Photos on Our


Camp Hosting Jobs in U.S. State Parks
(and 17 other free places to find Workamping jobs):

How to buy your Hunting & Fishing Licenses Online
by State and many other Information Sources

Dining Out on the Snowbird RV Trails
Updated with our newest Discoveries

Find previous years and trips
on our RV Routes Page

Some of the Gadgets, Fixes and Gizmos we have added to our RV to
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Using your noodle to pevent RV head bumps

We replaced the stinky slinky with the Sewer Solution and love it

Making your RV set-up easier one connection at a time

Motion sensor lights to improve your RV safety

Using Your Noodle

Your Sewer Solution

Cable “Quick Connects”

Motion Sensor Lights


Panda portable washing machine for your RV


Panda Compact Washer

RV Cabinet Doors

Best Campground WiFi



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