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TV Cable Quick-Connects

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I don’t know about you but one of my biggest gripes about setting up at each new  campground (aside from hitting my head on the slide now and then) is connecting that dad-blasted TV cable. Two screws - twice the fun!

It’s tedious, time consuming and calls for a steady eye, nimble fingers and a good grip. Just what you look forward to doing after a few hours piloting a few tons of home down the road. Then you have the pleasure of undoing both ends when it's time to leave. Sometime it even requires the pliers to help start it to come off.

Did you ever go through all of the trouble connecting to find out the post  connection never did work to begin with?

Cable “Quick Connects
(F-pin Coaxial Quick-Connect Adapter, Threaded F-pin Female to Quick F-pin Male) - a long name for a simple gadget that can make the setting up ritual and life in general so much more pleasant. -Jack


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TV Cable Quick-Connect

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