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Motion Sensor Lights for Our RV

When you are RVing and visiting new places sometimes you would like to know what that strange noise is outside your rig at 3 A.M. in the morning. The motion sensor lights are battery operated, inexpensive and attach nicely to any surface with Velcro. They do not activate in daylight which makes for good, long battery life. They are compact and waterproof. We have them mounted on our bedroom window and on the windows at the rear of the RV. They shed light on our basement doors and the shore power posts. They let anyone who strays too close know that we are paying attention. They are placed high enough so as not to be easily reached by kids yet they detach easily when we are ready to travel.

The light(s) pictured above we bought at a clearance sale at Dollar General. They worked so well - and after carefully reading the reviews - we ordered the better set on the right from Amazon.

A little extra security makes Niki and me the happier campers we like to be. -Jack

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