30 Amp
Surge Guard

When on the road we run into all types of on site hook-ups. We always test the electric before we connect our RV.
"Shuts off power when the following is present; open Ground, open neutral, low and high voltage."

Progressive Industries
30 Amp
Surge Guard

Testing for polarity and surges before connecting the rig may save your entire electrical system!
You will feel secure with multi-mode surge, voltage, polarity, and lost/open neutral protection."

50 Amp
Surge Guard

A surge protector is a must-have if you visit many campgrounds as we do.
Automatically shuts off the power when excessive voltage, Low and High or open neutral is present. Automatic reset on power restoration."

Water Pressure Regulator

Stops damage to your RV water hose, pump or internal lines from inconsistent water pressure in campgrounds.
Reduces water pressure to a safe and consistent 40-50 lbs of pressure.

Roof Vent Cover

Fits standard 14" vents. Allows you to leave the vent open during rain or shine.
Features removable louvers for easy cleaning. Not for Fantastic or Maxxair fan vents.

Roof Vent Insulation

Reflective surface blocks the sun's damaging rays. 2.75" of foam to help stop heat transfer. Keep your RV cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter and fits all standard 14" RV vents.

"When we need Roadside Assistance most is usually when we are in the middle of nowhere!" -Jack
Ball Bungees

This is our answer for keeping the overhead cabinet doors closed and things from falling out when we are on the road.

(See Our Page)
Wrap Around
Step Rug

Looks good and cuts down on tracked-in dirt. Adjusts to fit steps with a tread of 8" to 10.5". Wraps around the existing RV step and  hook springs into the holes that best fit the step.
Screen Door Bar

Got kids or grandkids? This allows for easier exit and protection of the RV screen door. Easy installation, all hardware included. Provides a sturdy feel to your door. Bar adjusts from 21-5/8" - 28-5/8".
Sewer Hose Support

Sturdy & lightweight plastic that won't creep closed. Easily positions around obstacles and stays in place. The bottom of the sidewinder cradle is 7-1/4" high at its highest point and 4" high at its lowest point.
Drip Cap Set

The answer to clean sewer hose storage for transport. A cap for each end - no more leaks or drips. They are a "must-have" along with gloves for a dirty but necessary job in my book!
Reverse RV  Flush Valve

Okay, Murphy's Law dictates that sometime, somewhere the black tank discharge is going to become plugged  in the middle of nowhere, right? (Especially with the kids along!)
Stabilizer Jack Pads

Okay, I admit to making and carrying around the 9" x 9" wooden blocks for a long, long time. I finally made the switch and really am glad I did. They do work and look better and they won't split!
Wheel Covers 4-pak

Think they are just for looks? No Sir, they shield those pricey tires from the harmful UV rays not good for our skin nor that of your tires. Helps delay the weather cracks that always mean it's time to spend some big money.
Toilet Chemical

We've tried powders, liquids and home remedies but these seem to work the best for us. It's biodegradable and each bottle treats 40 gallons of waste. They have a long shelf life and are not temperature sensitive.
"Roadside Assistance gives me peace of mind when traveling to new and unknown places." -Niki
State Stickers Map

Where you been, Neighbor? Map features durable, adhesive construction. Each peel & press sticker depicts a State. Age old question - when to count a State? It's up to you but we count a State if we have spent the night.
Wheel Chocks

Keep our trailer in place and I can re-hitch with confidence I won't bend the front jacks. Made of durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors and for use with tires up to 26" in diameter Comes in a handy pack of 2.
Refrigerator Thermometer

Is the fridge cooling properly - too warm or too cold? Sometimes it can fluctuate with outside or inside temperatures. We tend to check the temp daily. This one is accurate from 20 deg F to 80 deg F and made of durable Stainless Steel. We keep it around 40 deg F.
Water Heater
Tank Flush

Something I do at least once a Season. Simply attach a garden hose and insert into the drain opening to clean sediment that collects on the bottom out of your RV hot water heater. Helps extend water heater life.
Camco Refrigerator Bars

No more broken pickle jars! Adjustable (from 16" to 28") spring loaded bars that keep items in place in an RV refrigerator. We found we do not need the "double" bar they also offer.
Coleman Fold N Go Grill

Perfect for 2 people. We have had ours 3 years and never had a grill so stingy with propane adjustable 6,000 BTU.. Easy to clean removable grease tray. It does a good job for us!

Off the Beaten Path

To us the journey is our destination. This book spotlights over 1,000  must-see destinations.  This super easy reference that shows you where, how and what you need to know before you begin that next adventure.
Lucy's Long, Long Trailer

Lucy and Desi  take a big screen honeymoon road trip in a car with a Long, Long Trailer. As they travel across the United States, everything that can go wrong does go hysterically wrong for this first couple of comedy.
Rand McNally Motor Carriers

The spiral bound Motor Carriers Road Atlas, the #1 selling trucker's road atlas in North America, is as tough as the rig you're driving. It can stand up to all of the wear and tear from the road. Worth the $$$ as you will use it for years.
Panda Washing Machine

This small portable washing machine goes anywhere. Easy to operate, and powerful - just fill with water and set timer. It washes & spins nearly dry!
(See Our Page)
Motion Sensor Lights

Nightlights for indoor or outdoor use. Motion sensor combined with a light sensor allows light to turn on only when it is dark and only when motion is detected.

(See Our Page)
Valterra SS01 Sewer Solution

Yes, there is an option to the old stinky slinky! This is a complete water jet pump sewage system requiring no additional electrical connections

(See Our Page)
Our WiFi Booster

We did a lot of research before buying our first wi-fi booster. Access is a must for us when we are on the road. This one checks all of the boxes for

(See Our Page)
Gel-Gloss RV Wash/Wax

Cleans and waxes in one step! Contains carnauba wax for great protection and is biodegradable. No streaking or water spotting from use.

(See Our Page)
TV Cable Quik-Connects

Are you as tired of the hassle - trying to fasten the tiny ends of your cable at every stop, coming and going - as we were? There is a simpler, better way!

(See Our Page)
"If we have not purchased and used a product we will not recommend it!"-Jack & Niki
Butyl Putty Tape

Commonly used on RVs with rubber EPDM roofing since it waterproofs longer and is also used for window seals, flanges, siding and just about everything relating to RVs and boats.
15 to 30 Amp

For those times when you need to plug your 30 Amp line into a 15 Amp shore power post at the campsite. Handle makes unplugging easier.
Certified for use in both the US & Canada.
Rubber Sealer

Makes the dull rubber seals look like new and extends their life. Produces a bead of foam that stays where you spray and I use my fingers to work it in. No runs, drips or mess! Can also be used on fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites
Niki and Jack are Lifetime Members of Passport America
and save by staying at the half-price campgrounds an
average of 75% of the stopovers on any trip.

Colored Wrist Bands

Hang one on your antenna crank  to remind you the antenna is up or thermometer and scare lights are still in place, or any other reminder you need (including holding special keys). Come in 5 colors.
Hornet & Wasp Spray

We Velcro a can above the front door. It shoots a fairly accurate 27-foot jet spray. Kills wasps, yellow jackets, tent caterpillars and scorpions. Can also be a deterrent for uninvited intruders - man or beast.

Tire Monitoring System

It gives me and my Navigator, Niki, greater peace of mind as we have had tires blow/shred in the past. Now with a warning there is time to get off the highway. A good system with good people backing it up.

30 to 50 Amp

For those times when you need to plug your 50 Amp line into a 30 Amp shore power post at the campsite. Handles make plugging and unplugging so much easier.
RV Awning Shade Kit
8' x 16'

8' x 16' awning privacy shade. You can see out but difficult for neighbors to see in. We double ours to about 3' off the ground to keep it cleaner.  Comes with all of the stakes, bungees and hangers you will need.
RV Awning Shade Kit 
8' x 18'

Larger width if needed, 8' x 18' awning privacy shade. You can see out but difficult for neighbors to see in.  Comes with all of the stakes, bungees and hangers you will need.
Dicor Non-Leveling Caulk

Can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Creates a watertight seal along the roof's edges, around air vents, vent pipes, air conditioners and screw heads. Excellent adhesion to many surfaces.

I always keep a roll on hand. Super sticky and will adhere to just about any outside RV surface to prevent leaks on seams and all types of RV roofs, gutters, showers, PVC pipes, buried pipes, even surfaces submerged under water.

Dicor Self-Leveling Caulk

Self leveling sealant is designed for horizontal surfaces. Excellent adhesion to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal and concrete. Will not stain or discolor.

Bugle Head

One type of Stainless Steel screw we use.
 About RV water leaks prevention
Cordless Drill

Always useful to have aboard the RV an assortment of  bits and drivers.


Pan Head

A flush fitting SS screw we use for replacing rusted screws on our RV's exterior.

Water Hose

Usually a 25' hose is long enough for most modern campgrounds. We carry two 25's for those times that we need the extra distance. It's a good idea to change to a new hose every couple of years.

Water Hose

Sometimes needed for a Seasonal site in an older campground.
White or blue hoses are for potable drinking water only.

Water Filter

Different campgrounds and water supplies. This 100 micron filter will greatly reduce bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water. We always use one on the road

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