Making RVing more fun and less work

It doesn't have to be a hard knock life!

There’s already enough hard knocks in life – this is one we can eliminate. I don't know about you but it seems I always have my mind on other things when setting up the rig at a new stopover and more than once I've received some serious lumps for not paying attention.

The solution is simple. Just buy some inexpensive “noodles” at a beach supply store or a $$$ General (in-Season) - cut a slit down the center with a razor blade and slip them on those sharp, and oh-so-hard, slide edges. Now you can bounce off gracefully with no harm (minimal) done. -Jack

Some of the Gadgets, Fixes and Gizmos
we have added to our RV to
make RV life a little easier & more fun! Send any comments or questions
about any of the above to Jack & Niki at:


Your Sewer Solution

Cable “Quick Connects”

Motion Sensor Lights

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