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Snowbird Trip Diary:

RV Trail New York to Florida
Oneonta, NY to Jonestown, PA

Day 2 - Jonestown, PA

Greetings from LICKDALE CAMPGROUND, Jonestown, PA (Map I - Point C, I-81, Exit 90), ($34/Night FHU), 212 miles from Oneonta, NY.
We spent 5 hours on the road, covering the 212 miles. A longer stretch than we normally like to do but we like this campground for a 2 night stopover. (See our Previous Review) Last Fall we stayed here on our trip North and it took the  short drive to visit Hershey Chocolate World (Sweet!). It is also near Pennsylvania's Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch center in Lancaster County. That will be our destination today if the rain will let us. The rain did stop long enough so that we could dry our awning, but has started again this morning.

We did break the long drive monotony yesterday by stopping again at a favorite "hidden" gem we found last trip. At Exit 155 from I-81 in PA there sits a small country truckstop named the Blue Ridge Plaza. The building is tiny but the gravel parking lot is huge. It's like something leftover from the 1950's. The truckers know it like home and stop in for their delicious chili dogs. You haven't lived until you have tried chili made with some added ingredients like carrots, corn, and onions and piled on top of a jumbo hot dog! Totally messy because they do ladle the topping on thick, but oh-so-good.

Lickdale Campground has a cafe type arrangement in their office building and is supposedly noted for their Broaster Chicken. We were looking forward to trying it last evening. They had closed their kitchen early on our last trip and we didn't get to try it. They deliver the dinners to the campsites.

What a disappointment! It was more like "toasted" chicken. Jack had never tried broasted before and Niki has assured him that this is NOT what it is supposed to be like. The side dishes were also some commercial variety and not prepared here. It will definitely get a mention on our website review. We should have had another chili dog up the road instead!

At any rate we are having fun and the constant rain hasn't dampened our spirits (and it actually sounds pretty nice on the roof when we are snugged down inside with the furnace or fireplace on).

Unfortunately, K,C. the Wonder Cat has very stressful days on the road with us. She constantly watches out the truck's back window and is quite concerned about that big thing following us all day everyday. Thus, we wonder, and are much afraid that she is probably never going to graduate from feline kindergarten!

Hope y'all are having a great day!

From the road South,
Niki, Jack, & K.C.

Good Fuel Stops:
Love's Truck Stop (at this Exit 90)


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Lickdale Campground, Jonestown, PA
Entrance to Lickdale Campground, Jonestown, PA

Hershey Chocolate World
Hershey Chocolate World, Hershey, PA

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Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

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