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Snowbird Trip Diary:

RV Trail New York to Florida
Jonestown & Lancaster County, PA

Day 3 - Exploring Amish Country

More rain falling today. Where was it when the farmers needed it?

In spite of the rain we decided to tour some of the scenic back roads of Lancaster County. Some small towns and beautiful farms for sure. One thing always stands out in this area, whether in the towns or along the country roads, the buildings are nearly right up to the roads. Most were built back in the horse and buggy days, I'm sure, when who could have predicted a road wide enough for a few hundred horsepower.

We did stop for lunch at a restaurant that came highly recommended. It is called the Oregon Dairy Country Restaurant and Buffet in Lititz, PA. A town from Jack's past working life that doesn't conjure up the warm fuzzies for him, BUT, that aside, we both rate this particular restaurant the full 5 stars. The buffet featured over 80 items, including homemade salads, fried shrimp and all of the Regional dishes like pork & sauerkraut, mac & cheese, turkey/chicken & dressing, stewed tomatoes, stuffed peppers, potato filling, smoked sausage, rice & shrimp. The dessert bar featured strawberry cheesecake, bread pudding, warm blueberry cobbler, watergate, chocolate mousse, plus a generous portion of hand-dipped ice cream.

Of course we fit some shopping in also!

That's about all for this day. Tomorrow will be a travel day West with an overnight stop in Donegal, PA.

We'll be back in a day or two to report on our 2-day stopover planned for Zanesville, Ohio. (Now that just has to be a party town?)

Slightly damp, but having fun,
on the road,

Niki, Jack, & K.C.


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Oregon Dairy Country Restaurant & Buffet, Lititz, PA
Oregon Dairy Country Restaurant & Buffet, Lititz, PA

Lickdale Campground, Jonestown, PA
Lickdale Campground, Jonestown, PA

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