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RV Route South New York to Indiana

Snowbird RV Route South IN to FL

Snowbird Trip Diary:

RV Trail New York to Florida via
PA - OH - IN - KY - TN - MS - AL
Fall 2012

Trip Statistics:
28 days on the road
3,605 Total miles
9 States
15 campgrounds (7 new campgrounds reviewed)
$1,328.91  Fuel Cost @ 9/MPG Average
$581.76 for Camping Sites
$307.59 Savings realized w/ Passport America & Good Sam Club
$600 - Unexpected, 4 new trailer tires

On the Road Day 1 - The Hills are Alive

. . . with near peak color!

We did push off from our Summer place in the Adirondacks this morning (Sept 30th), and headed South on the first leg of our "un-straight" line to Florida.

It has rained on and off for the past 3 days so we did have to close up both the awning and the slides wet, but they will dry out eventually when we can find the sun again.

Our goal was to leave by 9am and we did pull out at 11am. For us, that's pretty close to right on time. We are retired and in no special hurry.

The leaves were nearing peak color in the Adirondacks when we left and as we turned Southwest through the "Southern Tier" part of NY State we found the color to be at peak. Every now and then we would have some sun and the trees and hillsides were really breathtaking.

No problems today to speak of. Our neighbors saw us off and helped guide us out of our Summer site in the Warrensburg Travel Park. The Town of Warrensburg itself is in the midst of their annual "World's Largest Garage Sale" with tents and vendors on every street and flocks, make that herds, of people milling in the roads and on the sidewalks with no regard for traffic. So, we did what we always do, we put our CD of Willy singing "On the Road Again" in the player, rolled down the windows, cranked up the volume and rolled out of town. The CD is kind of our good luck charm and we
always play it when we leave a campground.

Now, we were asked to do a survey of the campgrounds we stop at to find out if the owners have any problem with speeders. We have decided to do it as a project for our website "snowbirdrvtrails.com". Most campgrounds have a 5MPH speed limit which is a good practice with all of the kids running, playing and not paying much attention. What do you think, would you say it would be much of a problem? We'll jot down the response here each time just for the heck of it and see what the 15 campgrounds on this trip have to say.

The owner at our first stop, Susquehanna Trail campground, tells us that it is a BIG problem in the Summertime. When asked how she handles it she replied, "I jump in my golf cart, run them down and give them a piece of my mind!" If it happens often enough she makes them park outside the entrance and makes them walk. She had so many
complaints this Summer that she asked her Seasonal campers (the complainers) to start yelling at the rule breakers, and it did have some success. She is thinking of adding speed bumps but doesn't believe it will stop the problem.

SUSQUEHANNA TRAIL CAMPGROUND, Oneonta, NY (Map I,- Point B, I-88, Exit 13) ($22.50/Passport America), 136 miles from Warrensburg, New York,  is usually our first stop heading South. It is nothing fancy, but run by nice people and easy off/on I-88. See the photos and read our previous write-up at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/susquehanna.htmm

That's it for our first day. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner tonight to combat the damp and chilly day.

You're On the Road with
Niki, Jack and K.C.

"Looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way!"

We know it's sometimes hard to judge where to stop to fuel up. Here are some ez ones we have found:
Good Fuel Stops:
I-88, NY Exit 5 Fuel stop, easy on/off
or, after Oneonta try:
I-81, PA Exit 219 Flying JJ
I-81, PA Exit 155 Excellent fuel stop
(with great chili dogs!)


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