Best East Coast Snowbird RV Routes

Rest Areas Northbound
OH I-70 &  I-71,
NY I-86, I-88 and I-87
Indianapolis to the Adirondacks

I-70 Rest Areas
Ohio Eastbound

MM 3 Welcome Center/Rest area

MM 71 Rest area both lanes

I-71 Rest Areas
Ohio Northbound

Mile Marker 198

I-271 Rest Areas

Mile Marker 7

I-90 Rest Areas

Mile Marker 198

I-86 Rest Areas
New York Eastbound

Mile Marker 22, welcome Center
& Rest Area

Mile Marker 41, Rest Area

Mile Marker 101, Rest area

Mile Marker 212, Rest area

Mile Marker 313, Rest area

I-88 Rest Areas
New York Eastbound:

Mile Marker 39, Rest area

Mile Marker 73, Rest Area

I-87 Rest Areas
New York Northbound:

MM 15.4 Clifton Park area

MM 40.7 Glens Falls area

MM 64.2 Bolton parking area, no facilities

MM 96.5 High Peaks Welcome Center

MM 107.0 Parking area only

MM 111.6 Elizabethtown/Lincoln Pond

MM 122.6 Lewis Parking area only


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