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Zanesville, OH

Day 6 - Exploring Zanesville, Ohio

Every Village, Town, and City has something truly unique. Something they are rightfully proud of. Zanesville, Ohio is no different, and has many interesting possibilities.

After carefully considering all of the literature that we had picked up about the area, we decided to make a trip to "The Wilds - Animal Park",  located close by and offering safari type jaunts amongst the animals. We called to find their hours and were told "Only on weekends this time of year". That was a let-down after our careful planning.

Okay, a minor setback, but we are nothing if not resilient! Our next choice was the local Alpaca Ranch where we heard we would see championship caliber stock roaming free on many, many acres. We called and received the same answer, "No tours today, sorry!".

Next, we decided to just hop in the truck and drive around the City of Zanesville. The "Y Bridge" sounded interesting and found that the best vantage point was from the lookout on a hilltop in Putnam Park on the other side of said bridge. We drove up to the Park and found it to be beautiful as well as the panoramic view of the City.

We next decided to head a few miles North of town to visit a series of locks from the old days that were still manually operated. On the way, we received a phone call from the Alpaca Ranch's foreman who said he would be glad to give us the grand tour.

Finally, something was going to work out as we planned, BUT, getting to there from where we were was the challenge. He said there was the long, roundabout, but easy way, or the shorter cross-country route. Of course we chose the more challenging route which took us across some 17 miles of hills, dales, and gravel roads of backcountry Ohio. We did get to see landscape, forest and hardscrabble farms that few other tourists have had the privilege to visit.

We arrived without incident, and were met at the gate by the owners', (Dr. Albert & Rebecca Camma) son-in-law, Shane. He spent nearly 2 hours with us telling all about the ranch, all of its inhabitants, and amazing things we never knew about Alpacas until now. Niki's love of animals prompted many questions that Shane happily answered. We were introduced to his wife Jamie and shown through the small store they have and the many samples of the different types and grades of alpaca fleece.

It's well worth the time to pay a visit to the ranch if ever in the area. It is actually located about 20  minutes from the campground at 3390B Big B Rd, Zanesville, OH 43701. You should definitely call ahead though to be sure they are accepting visitors. Their phone number is 740-796-2195.

The day was over much too quickly and we finished our explorations with dinner at Bob Evans which is also very near the campground.

Now for a good night's rest and a day on the road tomorrow which will lead us to our next stop at Grandpa's Farm in Richmond, Indiana.

On the Road and glad you are still with us,
Niki, Jack and K.C.

Good Fuel Stops:
Pilot - I-70, Exit 10, 16 miles before
the Grandpa's Farm Exit


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Fall color in Putnam Hill Park, Zanesville

Bridge view from Putnam Hill Park, Zanesville

Entrance to The Alpacas of Spring Acres, Zanesville, OH

Princess Kate at The Alpacas of Spring Acres, Zanesville, OH

The Alpacas of Spring Acres collage

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