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Free Spirit Campground, Bedford, IN

Snowbird Trip Diary:

RV Trail New York to Florida

Day 12 - 16 - A side trip for a
50th Class Reunion

We arrived in Niki's hometown of Bedford, Indiana on Thursday afternoon.

We set up in the Free Spirit Campground. (Map I - Point H, 1 mile North of US-50), $14/Night FHU, Passport America  Discount, 70 miles from Edinburgh, IN.

We have reviewed Free Spirit Campground in the past and you can find our page Here.

We enjoyed dinner with Niki's sister Debbie and her husband Scott at the local "good" Chinese restaurant.

Friday, I went into town and had a propane tank filled, came back, and installed it. After lunch I walked around the park in the sunshine and took a lot of leafy pictures.

Last night we met with Niki's Class of 1962 for a pizza party at an enclosed pavilion at the Wilson Park. Seemed to be a lot of "old" people there but we somehow seemed to fit in pretty well. A couple of the couples now live in Florida and we may get together this Winter down there.

Niki is under the weather this morning. Her knee begins to hurt badly if she walks too much, which then gets her hip hurting, and that finally causes a headache. Just a chain reaction. We are getting the knee replacement done as soon as it can be scheduled when we get back to Tampa.

Tonight we have the Class Reunion Banquet at a hotel/lodge in a place called Spring Mill Park, about an hour from here. It is quite a large Indiana State Park with lakes, caves, a large camping area, and even an early settlement village where properly costumed people re-enact the good old days.

Sunday is our relaxing day. We had dinner at a very good Golden Corral in Bedford and stopped by to see Niki's sister and husband in the evening to tell them good bye.
Supposed to be in low 70's today and sunny. So far I do see the sun trying to peek out.

On the Road in Hoosier Country,
Niki, Jack and K.C.


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Fall color in Bedford, Indiana

Fall foliage in Bedford, Indiana

Country road in Bedford, Indiana

Fall color at the campground

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Fall color at an Indiana Campground

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