Snowbird RV Trails & Routes in Myrtle Beach, SC

101 Cypress RV Way
(2200 River Road)
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
Ph: 843.293.0300

RV Campground in Myrtle Beach

(Last: 119 miles from St. George, SC)
(Next: 182 miles to New Bern, NC)

$45/Good Sam , 20/30/50A, PT, WIFI, Cable, Cabins, Pool.

Local Attractions

Directions: From the South - Take Hwy 17 to SC 544 toward Conway. Turn right at the 4th stoplight, then turn right onto SC 707, then turn left onto River Road before Socastee High School tennis court.

Comments: Cypress Camping Resort is located on the Intracoastal Waterway and within a few miles of the ocean beaches, but not the easiest to find even with GPS. They contacted us last Fall to inquire if we would like to come check the place out and have two free nights of camping. We told them we would be coming through in the Spring and would like to see their place. This month before our trip we emailed them to see if they still wanted us to come. "Sure do!" said they. The rest of the story began when we went to check-in and they told us our "sales presentation was at 10:30" the next morning and they would pick us up at our campsite. That's the first we heard about a required sales pitch and nothing of the sort was ever indicated from the time we were invited to the time we called and made the reservation. I found the office staff rude, haughty, and indignant in their manner, especially for a self proclaimed "Christian campground". Had we known the true situation we would have probably stayed here anyway to review it and would have politely declined the sales pitch to become "membership campers". They stopped short of calling me a liar but adamantly maintained that they must have told us. The ensuing discussion doesn't bear repeating. Both parties agreed that it would not serve a real purpose for us to attend any sales presentation. Putting aside our disagreement, I will be objective in describing the campground itself. The sites are all pull-throughs with concrete pads and full hookups. We find them packed too closely together for our own tastes. Most have small grass-less areas for your chairs and the picnic table. The attached photos show the 10' section of "sandy beach" and other views of the Park and Waterway. The staff, other than office, have been friendly and very helpful. The campsite price is $44.80/night with the Good Sam 10% discount. The rates are also not readily available on their website.

We have tried several campgrounds in the area and will still rate either Huntington Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach State Park, or Grapeful Sisters Vineyard & Campground near North Myrtle, as our favorites for the amenities received for the price asked.

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RV campground in Myrtle Beach

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