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The Y Bridge in Zanesville, Ohio

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Day 5 - On the Road in Zanesville, Ohio

We left the PA Turnpike at the West Virginia State Line, (Total of $21 in tolls for our 4 axles), and crossed 75 miles of some pretty steep ups and downs through WV, a good workout for our F-250, and on into Ohio.

West Virginia yes, but who knew Eastern Ohio was also quite mountainous?

Ah, but worth the peaks and valleys to return to the land of Bob Evans Restaurants and Pilot/Flying J Truck Stops, two of our favorite homing beacons. The former for fairly consistently good food and the latter for lower fuel prices and discounts. If you travel you can obtain a free "RV Discount Card" from Pilot/Flying J to use at their truck stops. No, you don't necessarily have to own an RV.
WOLFIE'S KAMPING, Zanesville, OH  (Map I - Point E, I70, Exit 155), $31.95/Night FHU Good Sam/AAA Discount, 161 miles from Donegal, PA, is a small, but beautiful oasis of about 43 campsites located on a wooded hillside above the Muskingum River. A very neat and well-kept campground.

We need to mention that you will see a "Low Bridge - 2 Miles" sign on your way into the campground. NOT to worry, Wolfie's is a mile before the bridge. The owner told us that the sign actually scared some people from keeping their reservation. If you do get the chance, take a drive in your runabout vehicle and check the bridge out, it's not only low but includes a switchback that I was concerned about getting our pickup through it had there been another vehicle coming! Quaint!

After setting up, we decided to have dinner at the Oriental Super Buffet in Town, only a couple of miles from the campground. We should probably do a book of reviews on Chinese and Oriental buffets around the Country. We seem to find them wherever we travel. We frequent them for a couple of reasons. Some of their dishes, and they do have American as well, are quite good, and usually there is a "two-fer" coupon (now called BOGO coupons I guess) in our "entertainment dot com" membership. The meal was quite good and it was easy to find what we liked from the 150 choices.

Our method of travel is to drive 3-4 hours to an overnight stop, continue the next day to a 2-night stopover. This alternating one and 2 nights breaks the monotony of the road, allows us to get around a little slower in the mornings and have a day frequently to explore new places we have never been before. (As I sit writing this I hear a church bell off in the distance tolling out the hour, followed by a train passing below us along the river.) Friday is our free day in Zanesville, Ohio, boyhood home of John Glenn and Zane Grey. Zanesville is home to many things, including, that red clay pot your plant is in, might well have come from Zanesville pottery. We'll see what we can find and report back tomorrow.

On the Road with Niki, Jack and K.C.


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Entrance to Wolfie's Kamping, Zanesville, Ohio

Wolfies Campground, Zanesville, OH

Rec Hall Wolfies campground, Zanesville, Ohio

Cabins at Wolfies Kamping, Zanesville

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Camping at Wolfies, Zanesville, OH

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