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Day 19 - Lunch at Sisters & Afternoon on
Loretta Lynn's Ranch

We had heard rave reviews about a particular restaurant here in Dickson, called "Sisters". Only open from 7am til 2pm most days, except Friday evenings when the town comes out for catfish. It is a Southern cafeteria-type set-up with the two sisters, Janet and Emily, manning the serving line. You choose a meat + 1, 2, or 3 veggies. Thursdays are especially mobbed for their turkey and dressing day. The vegetable choices included yams, white or green beans, turnip greens, slaw, or mac & cheese. All homemade and delicious, including pecan pie and other desserts.

This restaurant was definitely the meeting place in town for lunch. The line was long and included the lawyers in their suits to the highway workers in their dusty jeans and reflective vests. It seemed everyone knew everyone else and it grew pretty boisterous at times. We both rate it as perhaps our best restaurant stop on this trip thus far, along with the Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant we found up in Lancaster County, PA.

We spent the afternoon at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. The ranch encompasses the town. The Lynn's bought it back in the 60's. They own the zip code and the Post Office system pays them to use it. We used an entertainment-dot-com 2 for 1 coupon and took the "Home and Museum Tour". The home in the attached picture faces the "grist mill" (which is now one of Loretta's museums with her doll collection) across the river. The "Dude Ranch" general (souvenir) store is beside the grist mill, with the larger main museum just beyond.

The tour took us through the main floor of the home they lived in for 22 years and raised their children. Loretta had a smaller home built in back which she lives in when not on tour. The main home is from the 1800's and came complete with its own ghosts which several TV documentaries have covered. The furnishings are a mixture of cowboy and Indian reflecting the owners' heritages.

The bus then took us to the main museum where we spent nearly 2 hours browsing. It is large with sections and tributes to Crystal Gayle, and Conway Twitty, as well as other members of Loretta's family. It also housed some of her cars, Dooley's favorite truck, and her original tour bus with some 3 million miles on it. The museum houses tons of LL records, photos, clothing, and awards. All professionally displayed. Much of it with notes in Loretta's handwriting. We spent much of the time trying to read her handwriting. She could have had a second career as a doctor.

We stopped in the gift shop where we were quickly turned off by the mass of merchandise, photos to trinkets and cookie jars, all hand-signed "Love, Loretta Lynn". We cannot guess how many hours she must have spent doing it.

Our final stop was at "Loretta's Kitchen". A restaurant proclaiming true Southern food. We had burgers and fries. The restaurant has received some poor reviews and we had to see for ourselves. The reviews seem to have been correct. We should have stopped at the McDonald's next door.

The Loretta Lynn Ranch encompasses hundreds of acres including what they claim to be Tennessee's largest RV Park ($36.50/night) and a large motocross venue. We drove through the campground and it was full for a big motocross event they are having this coming weekend. The Park is located on top of a hill and has a pretty steep incline leading up to it.

Loretta's kids are involved in the Lynn "dynasty". One runs the ranch, ones has a restaurant nearby, and one has a flea market. Some travel with her and are part of her show. We learned that she had just left the previous evening to start a West Coast tour.

That's our report from Dickson, Tennessee. We next head for Mississippi with two overnighters before we stop for a few days on the Gulf in Bay Saint Louis. Our next update will be from there.

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