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Furnace Creek Resort.
Highway 190, Death Valley, CA‎
(877) 469-6441
Xanterra Parks and Resorts
When I worked at Death Valley (Furnace Creek) in 2009-2010 I paid $30 per week for FHU plus cable TV with half refunded at the end. I also had free laundry, free ice, 2 free meals per day in the EDR,  and free propane. But I received about 50 cents an hour less in wages. When I considered going back this past fall, they offered me the same wage ($8.30/hr.), plus they had about doubled the RV space rent. No mention was made of meals, propane, etc. So I chose not to go. The rent is taken out of the paychecks, so you never see it.
In a lot of ways, Xanterra is a good company to work for. As with all human beings, there are negative aspects as well. Without sounding critical, I would say that my biggest concern with Xanterra is the fact that they hire sight unseen over the internet, so they end up with drunks, druggies, and other un-professional-appearing and acting employees. The dormitories they also provide are hotbeds of drugs, alcohol and illicit, casual sex. A lot of the hirees are in their late teens and twenties, unstable people who don't have a steady job or home, drifters. Some are international kids who are very bright and usually decent kids from good homes in their own countries.
I have not worked for any of the other companies I listed, but have looked at their job listings and have applied to some, but never gotten anything.


Rustic Sands Resort Campground
800 N. 15th St., Mexico Beach, FL 32410

Toll Free: (877)240-7213. Phone: (850)648-5229
Fax: (850)648-4349. E-Mail:
My experience was very good! I worked at rustic sands resort in Mexico Beach, Fl. I worked in their snack/pizza bar. For me, I don't have the best knees for cement, therefore the job was very hard on the old feet and legs. Management was understanding at all times, when possible I was able to sit and take orders and serve beer/wine. When I was up and at it, I did my job and had fun doing it. The staff i worked with was Wonderful.
The Host moved to another state, then I took that position. I really liked that job also, it was much easier on my feet and legs. Greeting and helping people makes life good!
The only draw back for me was, 7 days a week when the office was closed. I must add, I can not think of one time that I asked the owners if I could have a night or day off, or even a few days off to go out of town that I was refused.
They were like family to me. (M.K.)

Crater Lake Lodge
1211 Avenue C, White City
Oregon, 97503
Xanterra Parks and Resorts

When I worked for Xanterra I worked in the gift shops, which I really enjoyed. It was fun to meet people from all 50 states and a number of countries around the world.
When I worked at Crater Lake I was charged approx. $150 per month for FHU, half of which I received back upon completion of my contract. Also had free laundry and free ice from the store. Had to pay for meals in the Employee Dining Room (EDR).
There was a boy last summer at Crater Lake working as a dishwasher in the kitchen who was studying to be an engineer in his home country. They come to learn English better and to broaden their experience. I fear some of the impressions they get of America are less than desirable!!

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